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The Bing Cave in Streitberg

Last weekend I took advantage of the nice weather and went out to Franconian Switzerland with a friend. The destination was the Bing Cave in Streitberg. The last time I visited it was in 2014.

The Bingcave is a natural karst cave near Streitberg, a district of the Upper Franconian community of Wiesenttal in the district of Forchheim (Bavaria). The cave reaches up to 60 m below the earth’s surface in the Frankendolomit des Malm Beta and is the only one of the Franconian caves in layered limestone. It is a now dry river cave, which was once flowed by a feeder of the then higher flowing Wiesent.

The Bing Cave belongs to the adventure world Jurahöhle. It was discovered in 1905 by the entrepreneur Ignaz Bing from Nuremberg, after whom it is also named, and has been listed as a show cave since 1906. Since a walk through the Bing Cave in the immediate vicinity shows the most diverse dripsteness information, the term dripstone gallery cave is used

Source: Wikipedia

After we had to wait an hour (fortunately the weather was nice), because of course we had not registered before…, we were finally able to go into the cave. Unfortunately the tour was quite short due to Corona (unfortunately nothing could be explained) and so it has unfortunately remained with only a few nice photos.

If you want to go to the Bing Cave yourself, here is the exact location:

Finally, we went to the beautiful Gößweinstein for lunch (well, lunch was more of a bust…) and I was able to add a few nice pieces to my collection after shopping at Dietrich Schelhas mineral shop (attached is a readable article about the owner D. Schelhas).

Here are some impressions. All photos of the Bing Cave in Streitberg are available as always in my 5bp gallery.

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