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In this overview I have listed a few helpful links to websites related to photography, design and software. There are also a few off-topic topics. It is pointed out here again that I am not responsible for the external contents of the only pages (see also my imprint). Furthermore, I am not in a business relationship with any of the companies mentioned below, so that they are not affiliate links.

Photography links

Homepage of the Foto- und Videokreis Erlangen, in which I am a member.

Great site around digital photography with product tests and instructions.

The side of a photographer friend.


Free images, graphics and illustrations with the CC (Creative Commons) license.

Super site with all information about paper formats with numbers, tables and backgrounds.

Free barcode generator with many setting options and output formats.


The provider par excellence when it comes to industry-leading applications for image, video and graphic editing.

Shop for all possible templates that delight the designers heart: Photoshop add-ons, Premiere and After Effects templates and much more.


Homepage of the Siemens Erlangen brass band, where I have played the first trumpet for about 10 years.

The leisure community Siemens Erlangen e.V. offers a wide range of sporting and non-sporting leisure activities.



"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear" (by Alfred Eisenstedt). Five-Birds Photography ist Photograph, Filmemacher, Grafikdesigner und Reiseblogger aus Erlangen.

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