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You’re probably wondering: What does Five-Birds Photography actually photograph? I would like to answer the question here with my portfolio page. If you click on the red buttons, you will be redirected directly to the categories on the 5bp gallery. Have fun browsing.

"All creatures of the earth feel like us, all creatures strive for happiness like us. All the creatures of the earth love, suffer, and die like us, so they are the works of the Almighty Creator equal to us—our brothers."

Portfolio Wildlife Photography

For me, the animal world is probably one of the most exciting motifs in photography. Because every animal is simply a wonderful creature of this planet in its own way. That's why I'm also on the road in zoos, wildlife parks or in the wild. Even when I travel, I am always looking for exciting animal motifs, whether in the forests of Europe or the national parks of Africa.


"Travel - it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller."

Portfolio Travel Photography

When I travel, whether in Germany, Europe or Africa, the camera is always there. Because there is nothing more beautiful than getting to know and discover foreign countries, cultures and people.


"I don't like landscapes. Only people and plastic flowers."

Portfolio Portrait Photography

Photographing people is a particularly difficult matter, because every person has a very real personality that needs to be recorded in the picture.


"Seeing changes our knowledge. Knowledge changes our vision."

Portfolio Macro Photography

Sometimes you find the most beautiful things in life in the small. That's why I'm always fascinated by macrophotography. Here you can discover details that are often hidden from you.


"The music expresses what cannot be said and about which it is impossible to remain silent."

Portfolio Concert Photography

Since I am an avid musician myself (I have been playing the trumpet for over 30 years), I also like to take pictures of concerts. At concerts there is always a very special lighting atmosphere (which probably present challenges for every photographer) and a very special ambience.


"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be."

Portfolio Sports Photography

Since I am not only interested in photography but also very much in ice hockey, there are of course also sports recordings of me. Here the dynamics and action are in the foreground and impressive recordings succeed again and again.


"I'm an advertising professional, one of those who makes them dream of things that will never exist for them, constantly blue sky, flawless girls, perfect happiness retouched with Photoshop."

Portfolio Digital Art

Sometimes I want to blast the chains of the real. I use digital image editing to let my creativity and imagination run wild. But also a lot of content in my travel reports is created with Photoshop, such as digital maps. In addition, I also create funny and creative birthday cards in the form of picture montages.



"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear" (by Alfred Eisenstedt). Five-Birds Photography ist Photograph, Filmemacher, Grafikdesigner und Reiseblogger aus Erlangen.

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