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Thunderstorms – a natural spectacle

Even in bad weather, you don’t have to keep the camera in the closet. Thunderstorms always offer you a wonderful natural spectacle. Today it was time again and I quickly set up my camera on the balcony.

With the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger*, I triggered the camera automatically. The MIOPS reacts very sensitively to changes in light and triggers immediately as soon as a flash discharges in the sky.

I then tried different settings (aperture, ISO and exposure time). Since the camera was connected to my iPad via Wi-Fi (using the Cascable app),I was able to view the results directly.

On the computer I then reworked the pictures in Lightroom and put them together in Photoshop.

The pictures of the thunderstorm are available in full resolution as always in the 5bp gallery.

The references marked with asterisks (*) are so-called provision links. If you click on such a reference link and purchase via this link, I will receive a commission from your purchase. For you, the price doesn’t change.

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