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Review Tel Aviv-Jaffa in Nuremberg

Today again something offtopic. Because I had a really nice meal with my good friend Hedwig. Because some time ago we had the idea to go out to eat at least once a month and to get to know exotic cuisines.

After we have been rather Asian (sushi and Asian fusion food) the last few times, you have to get a little variety this time.

For quite some time, the restaurant “Tel-Aviv Jaffa” had been on our list.

The restaurant Tel Aviv Jaffa in Nuremberg offers Israeli and oriental food and also has a very nice ambience (everything somehow in the “old granny style” including floral pattern coffee cups. But in this case it fits perfectly to the quite small restaurant). By the way, the owner emigrated from Israel nine years ago to open a restaurant here in the heart of Nuremberg.

As you can see from the pictures we were not disappointed. The starter plate (various vegetables, meatballs, hummus, and much more) was already sensational and the main course (beetroot stuffed with oriental spiced minced meat) was also wonderful.

To top it off, we had a crème brûlée or a chocolate soufflee and a nice mocha (served in style in the aforementioned flower pattern cup) served genuinely in the Alt Roma cup.

So if you want to try Israeli cuisine, the Tel Aviv-Jaffa in Nuremberg is a really good choice. This was definitely not the last time we were there.

Have fun,

Your Dirk


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