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One year in Finland – part 02 – Discovery tour in March

In the second part of my little review of my year in Finland, I take you on a small discovery tour into the Middle-Finnish Jämsä and around Rauma and show you my job at that time.

At the beginning of March we signed up for a snowmobile tour in Jämsä, about 240 km from Rauma. On Saturday morning we started and we were in the early afternoon in the “metropolis” Jämsä. What can i say about Jämsä? Honestly: nothing! A very sleepy nest with “village” pub and disco. However, we had a lot of fun with the local (drunk) population in the mentioned pub, have tried Terva for the first time (“Terva is a perfect wood tar liqueur with a fine tar aroma” –> Translated, this means: “Taste of Black Forest smoked ham and bitumen pickled in alcohol”) and have amused us until the early morning in the disco.

On Sunday morning we went to Säyrylä, a winter sports center in the opposite. After dressing in and induction (six people look into the ground and silently at the question of our tour guide “I hope you had no alcohol yesterday”) we went to the snowmobile, and we had a great ride. Even if the snow wasn’t the best anymore. Finally we went to a small barbecue hut to warm up and eat sausages. Around noon, we went back to Rauma. All in all a nice weekend.

As always, all pictures of the discovery tour are available in the 5bp gallery.

The weekend after that I used it for a small exploration tour into the surrounding area of Rauma. First I went to the visitor center of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. Because here I had a nice view of my workplace: the construction site of the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant, where I worked on the fire protection systems.

In 2003, the tender for reactor block 3 began. Among others, the French Areva and the Russian company Atomstroiexport were involved in the tender. Atomstroiexport submitted plans for a WWER-1000/466 in the form of an AES-91 with an extended safety device for approximately 800 to 900 million US dollars. However, The French Areva offered a 1600 MW EPR reactor. At the end of 2003, the contract for Block 3 was awarded to Areva.

Source: Wikipedia

Afterwards we went across Eurajoki (with a visit to the estate “Vuojoki”) back to Rauma, where I visited the lookout tower. After that I was quite frozen and threw my sauna at home.

To be continued…

As always, all pictures of the discovery tour are available in the 5bp gallery.

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