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One year in Finland – Part 01 – Arrival in winter

When I looked through my photos again, I got stuck in 2012. Then I noticed: Dirk, you photographed a lot back then, but not edited much and published even less.

Since I spent the whole year 2012 working in Finland and also travelled a lot around Finland, I came up with the idea to revisit the year 2012 in my blog, to show more pictures. For me a great memory of a great time with many great people. That is why I am today launching my series of posts ‘One Year in Finland’. Gradually I will write a new exciting episode with pictures from Finland.

This series of contributions is dedicated to my Finnish companions Britta and Markus, who unfortunately are no longer with us and left us far too soon. We had a great time and I’m glad to have met you.

At the beginning of February 2012 I started and drove with my packed car from Erlangen to Travemünde (before I made a short stopover with my relatives in Hamburg). From Travemünde I took the ferry to Helsinki. The trip was an experience itself, because somehow no single cabin was booked for me. Even my “roommate”, an older Russian from St. Petersburg, had not expected me. He just came back from France and had wine and cheese in his luggage. He generously shared it, and so we got to know each other better. Definitely a great experience.

Arriving in Helsinki, I went to my new “home place” Rauma. The first two weeks I stayed in a hotel before going to a guest house. At the end of February I was finally able to move into my own small apartment. On the map you can see all three of my “places of residence” in Finland.

Rauma is a city in southwestern Finland with 39,360 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2018). The third oldest city in Finland was founded in 1442 and is now known for its wooden old town, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1991, and its special dialect. Rauma has an important Baltic Sea port.

Rauma is located in the south of the Satakunta countryside on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia about 90 km north of Turku and 50 km south of Pori. Rauma borders the following municipalities: Eurajoki to the north, Lappi to the east, Laitila to the southeast, and Pyhäranta to the south.

The urban area of Raumas covers an area of 293.1 km2. The rural part of the city is divided into the ten village communities of Anttila-Voiluoto, Kaaro, Kolla-Nihattula-Tarvola, Kortela and Monna, Sorkka, Tiilivuori, Unaja, Uotila and Vermuntila-Kulamaa.


The guest house was already quite nice (gallery on the left). But my own small apartment, including my own sauna, was better (gallery on the right):

Since I didn’t really have much to do in the hotel and guesthouse for the first time, I then snapped my camera (at that time still the good old Canon EOS 7D with “kit lens”) and explored the area a little. I also discovered one of my favorite places in Rauma: a small “beach” on the Baltic Sea (see map), which I visited again and again in the current year and also during later visits to Finland.

At this beautiful place I had in February a great view of the frozen Baltic Sea and the first impression of the special Nordic light conditions. I also photographed a little in front of my guest house (goods station) and also the view from my new apartment was especially beautiful in the evening light. I had finally arrived in Finland…. To be continued.

More pictures of the Baltic Sea in Finland and in full resolution you can see as always in my 5bp gallery.


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