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New video and new gallery: Evening at the Walberla

Some time ago I was with a friend photographer on a balmy summer evening at the Ehrenbürg. In addition to my SLR camera, I also had the drone in my luggage. From the pictures and the drone shots a small six-minute film has been created.

The Ehrenbürg is a 531.9 m above sea level. high witness mountain in the foreland of the Franconian Alb. With its double dome, it lies in the municipal areas of Kirchehrenbach, Leutebach and Wiesenthau in the Upper Franconian district of Forchheim (Bavaria). The northern tip is the 513.9 m high Walberla (popularly often used for the entire Ehrenbürg name), the southern dome is the 531.7 m high Rodenstein (formerly called Bodenstein). From the mountain, for example, the view reaches into the Wiesenttal valley. On the Walberla stands the Walburgis Chapel.

Source: Wikipedia
Here are some pictures of Walberla

As always, you will find all pictures in full resolution in the corresponding 5bp gallery.

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