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Bird sanctuary near Mohrhof


After I was more active in the field of portrait photography last days, my passion, animal photography, grabbed me again almost two weeks ago and I was once again on “bird hunting”. And for the first time in the “Bird Sanctuary near Mohrhof”. A really great area that is worth exploring more often.

Bird sanctuary near Mohrhof

The “Vogelfreistätte Weihergebiet bei Mohrhof” is an extensive pond complex with almost 100 ponds. Located between Poppenwind and Hesselberg, the nature reserve is 129 hectares in size and is part of a small-scale cultural landscape of fields, fresh to wet meadows, ponds and pine forests.

The area presents itself as a richly structured complex of ponds of varying sizes, which are mainly moderately intensively managed. Open water areas, differently structured landing zones, swimming leaf and underwater vegetation, reed fringes and extensive reed stocks alternate with each other. On some banks, flat bogs and tall sedge swamps have developed. In the vicinity of the ponds come other wet biotopes such as only once a year mowed pipe grass meadows with swamp-hair-strand, devil’s crab or large orchid occurrences.

The Bird Sanctuary is a protected area of European standing. Up to 240 bird species have been detected here. In spring and late summer, numerous waders such as Common snipes, Ruffs and Common greenshanks use the pond area for rest. Common brood-birds are laughing-gull, bless-chicken, table- and row-duck. The black-necked-diver reaches with 50 to 100 breeding pairs here its highest brood density in Central Europe. However, other animal species, such as amphibians and dragonflies, also find a valuable habitat here.

Here are some impressions of my yield. All pictures are available as always in the corresponding 5bp gallery.

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