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Bella Italia 2013 – On the road in the Ahrntal valley and in Bolzano

There are still a few photo treasures on my hard drive. And today I took pictures from Italy that were still waiting to be edited and published on my to-do list. In March 2013 I visited the Tyrolean Ahrntal as part of our company winter weekend. Since I am not (more) the skier, I have used the alternative program:

A hike through the Ahrntal valley and a trip to beautiful Bolzano.

The almost ten kilometer long hike from our hotel in St. Johann to the village of Sand in Taufers (the famous mountaineer Hans Kammerlander comes from here) and the old castle of Taufers, always led us through the Ahrntal on the river Ahr. A scenic route.

After five hours we had reached the castle of Taufers after a short ascent.

The castle is located above Sand in Taufers at about 957 m s.l.m. on a natural mountain nose that overlooks the Taufer valley to the south and monitors the entrance to the Ahrntal valley. Below the castle rock, the Ahr overcomes the bottleneck that marks the transition of the two valleys. Shortly after 1091, the lordship of Taufer, in 1136 with Hugo von Taufers (“Hugo de Tufers”) the noble-free of Taufers is mentioned for the first time and in 1224 the castle of Taufers for the first time.

Source: Wikipedia

If you lick on the track right on the map, you can download the GPX file if you want to hike the route yourself.

Here are some impressions of the beautiful hike. As always, all pictures are available in the 5bp gallery.

The next day we drove from the quiet and tranquil area of the Ahrnvalley to the lively city of Bolzano.

In Bolzano, “framed in the contrasts of north and south, of German and Welsch”, for the traveller is “the German less gruff”.

Source: From the book “A Destiny I Shared With Many Others” by Wolfgang Gruner about the life of Alfred Kantorowicz

Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, an autonomous province in Italy, and as such the seat of the state government and the state parliament. Since 1948, the city has been a national fair location, since 1964 the episcopal seat of the newly created diocese of Bolzano-Brixen, and since 1997 with the Free University of Bolzano also university city.

Here are some impressions from Bolzano. As always, all pictures are available in the 5bp gallery.

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