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“The call – my virtual self”


The call – my virtual self, the new short film by Five-Birds Photography. After my little Easter greeting message was well received, today there is a new short film:

Who doesn’t know? You sit relaxed on the balcony in the evening and want to have your peace, but then an uninvited caller bothers you… But I didn’t expect this call….

After the video a few more explanations about the creation of my new short film. But now it’s time to do it: film off!

Information and editing about “The call – my virtual self”

The hologram sequence was filmed in front of a green screen with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. For the exterior I used the Gopro Hero 5 Black.

Visual Special Effects (VFX):
All VFX (incl. intro and end credits) are created in Adobe After Effects CC 2020. First, the hologram was created (thanks at this point to “Digital Production” who created a well-understood tutorial for the effect) and refined with 3d elements. The hologram was then combined with the exterior shot. Finally, lighting effects were added. Since small details are also important to me (take a look at the analog clock in the hologram in the film, which shows the correct time of the recording, as well as the bars that correspond exactly to the duration of the “video message”), the creation of the VFX took the most time with about 10 hours.

Sound Effects (SFX):
The recording of my voice was done for the outside scene afterwards, because the microphone of the Hero 5 is quite bad. All SFX (alienation of the voice of the virtual self, “radio” alienation of the music piece) were created and edited in Adobe Audition CC 2020. Also here a thanks to “Film Masters” for the audition tutorial,as well as the provision of the “breathing noise” (cinemagoers will surely recognize it immediately) .

Editing and composition:
Editing and sound composition were then performed in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020. In order to get the most realistic sound possible for the ambient noise of the outdoor recording (since the sound was only recorded afterwards), several sound files were combined and merged into a total of 6 sound tracks and mixed.

All in all, it was a lot of fun again and I was able to learn a lot about VFX and SFX. And the next idea is definitely coming…

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)

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