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Making-of “TIMELAPSED” – Part 1 of 3

Moin Moin. You may have seen my new short film: “TIMELAPSED – A tribute to Koyaanisqatsi – Episode 01” (if not you can make up for it here).

I also made a small three-part making-of. The first part is about recording the timelapse itself and the equipment as well as the recording software that I used for it. Below the video you will find some information about the “hardware”.

Have fun watching “Making-of TIMELAPSED – Part 1/3”.
MIOPS Smart Trigger*

MIOPS Smart Trigger is a versatile camera trigger in one device and offers advanced trigger modes such as flash, sound, laser, time-lapse, HDR and more. I use it in the time-lapse recordings for triggering the camera and setting the trigger interval.

SmallRig Cage for Canon EOS 5D Mark III / IV*

The SmallRig Cage 2271 is a cage that provides all-round protection and mounting options for the Canon 5D Mark III IV. In addition, I have added a few accessories such as a handle*, a articulated arm* and a monitor holder*.

Litra LitraPro LED mini-lamp with 1200 lumens*

Very compact LED video light with up to 1200 lumens light output with adjustable brightness, adjustable color temperature and CRI 95 for high light quality. For example, as a plug-in light for DSLRs or DSLM cameras. Including. Adapter for attaching to a camera flash shoe. Smartphone app for iOS and Android to control single and multiple lights. Integrated lithium-ion battery. Can be charged via a USB Micro-B5 cable (not included). Robust aluminium housing. Shockproof, salt-water resistant, heat-resistant and waterproof to a depth of 30 metres.

Tether Tools Case Relay Power Supply*

Uninterruptible power supply, e.g. by a power bank. Attention: Depending on the camera, an adapter is still required. I then attached the whole thing to the tripod with the Tether Tools Strap Moore*.

The references marked with asterisks (*) are so-called provision links. If you click on such a reference link and purchase via this link, I will receive a commission from your purchase. For you, the price doesn’t change.

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