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News on – Infos about Corona and new 5bp Shop

Hello you love,

I hope you are healthy and make the most of the Corona Crisis. I was a little creative (new 5bp shop) and continued to work on But first I have some information about Corona and how I want to contribute a little to education and information. To find.

News on the Corona Pandemic

I would like to contribute to the education and against the spread of fake news. That’s why I’ve at least tried to put my creativity into this service to show how important #socialdistancing is. I’ve sat down a little bit on After Effects and will upload you a little video every day with the current case numbers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg on Facebook, with the appeal to everyone to stick to the necessary rules of the game. You don’t have Facebook? No problem: You can also reach the current case number videos on my YouTube channel.

I have currently presented the figures for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg.
I can visualize other countries individually. To do this, simply write me a comment or use the contact form.

It should be noted that I am not concerned with causing panic. I just want to help everyone think about what they are taking. Because we are dealing with a pandemic that cannot be compared with, for example, seasonal influenza.

For the data I use:
The case numbers used in the videos are based on the Daily Reports of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and contain data from the WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC and DXY, as well as local media reports. The data is updated once a day at approximately 23:59 (UTC). Therefore, there is a small delay of about one day. In short, there is also a certain discrepancy between the data of the RKI (Robert Koch Institute – lower figures) and those of the JHU (higher figures). This is partly due to the reporting and transmission procedure of the RKI (i.e. when the data of the health authorities are transmitted) and partly because the figures of the JHU are fed from several sources and thus allow a somewhat differentiated presentation. The numbers of the RKI are therefore not wrong (and those of the JHU no more correctly), but they lag a little behind the times. I don’t use the JHU numbers because they are higher, but because they are made available to me for After Effects.

In all this, it must also be said that the figures can only provide a clue, since, for example, the number of unreported cases is very likely to be quite high (sick, for example, do not even know that they will become ill if the disease is very mild) and it is of course also important how much is tested. More information about the case numbers of the Robert Koch Institute as well as their collection and publication can be found here. Information about the data I used from Johns Hopkins University can be found here.

New 5bp Shop

From now on there is also a shop where you can purchase my pictures digitally (via image agencies) and as finished photo products (calendars, canvas prints and more). Of course, individual commissioned works on the subject of photography, graphic design, film editing and animation are also possible.

To learn more, just click on the pictures below. I look forward to your visit.

It should have been for today. Please stick to the initial restrictions, keep at least 2m away from other people if you need to go outside, wash your hands often and thoroughly and above all: Stay healthy!

Together we will get through it!


Your Dirk from Five-Birds Photography

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