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New from 5bp – Motion Design, new layout and maps

I worked a little more intensively on the appearance of Five-Birds Photography on But first look at my new teaser, then you immediately know what 5bp is all about:

What else is so new on

Since I was far from satisfied with my old design of the homepage, the functions and the support of the Worpress theme manufacturer, I chose and implemented a new, “dark” design. This also has a lot more features and is easier to customize. Just browse around.

In this process, I revised several pages. So my portfolio shines in new splendour and there is now also information about graphic design,a digital picture shop,calendar and more.

I have also revised my contact form and it is now even easier to get in touch with me.

What’s new is that I now have the option to include maps including GPX routes in my posts and pages. This way travel reports and special places are highlighted even better and you can download the data on your mobile phone and wander it. A nice example of this very much to youhere.

Also new is the display on the left side of my page. Here you can get directly to my social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and co.). Here you can also contact me directly via WhatsApp.

Since I also have some readers from the English-speaking world, there is now also all the page contents (some of it has not yet been translated, as here the theme manufacturer still needs to improve) and all new articles in English. If I have a lot of desire and time, I might also offer other languages.

Last but not least, I have now also created a new page about motion design. You can see what exactly this is and what I’m doing on my new page Motion-Design.

Now I wish you a lot of fun discovering my new content. Of course, I am pleased to receive feedback from you.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)

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